When it comes to proper nutrition, humans and plants are a lot alike - all life needs a balanced diet to keep us performing at our peak.  At Wabash Valley, we excel at balanced plant nutrition thanks to our knowledge of soils, plant growth and development, and tools that deliver optimum fertility your crop needs for maximum production.    

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MiField Nurture formulates recommendations on the core principles of 4R fertility management as outlined by The Fertilizer Institute, giving your crop the right source of nutrient, at the right rate, at the right time, and applied at the right place.  And with our tools of soil testing and mapping, you can manage the fertility of all your fields, through spatial mapping analysis and pinpointed, prescriptive fertility plans. 


Among the 17 known, essential elements for optimum plant growth and yield, 6 macronutrients are used by crops in relatively large amounts, whereas 8 micronutrients are required in relatively small amounts.  Whether macro and micro, these elements must be present in the soil for plant use, in varying degrees of availability, to ensure both the immediate and long-term needs of the crop. 


ProValley Nutritionals

Wabash Valley carries a complete line of starter, foliar, and dry granular micronutrients to supplement your application whether at planting, dry fertilizer or crop protection application.  Each product has been tested and formulated to match our regions soil conditions.






ProValley MME

Its combination of Sulfur, Boron, Magnesium and Zinc was put together for the specific nutritional needs of this area. We analyzed many tissue samples to determine that this micronutrient ratio fits your specific regional agronomic needs. The granule size and bulk density of Pro Valley MME match most dry fertilizers, resulting in a more uniform application.

ProValley MicroBurst

Formulated for use in broad acre crops and designed to be blended with NPK granular fertilizer programs. This combination micronutrient formulation is a free flowing, low dust, and uniform granular fertilizer, which contains a unique combination of Sulfates and Sucrates for enhanced microbial activity and bioavailability. MicroBurst boosts soil fertility programs by providing a superior balance of nutrients precisely formulated to prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies.

ProValley Bounce-S

Sulfur is an essential nutrient for crop production.  With the higher-yielding varieties growers plant today, sulfur is removed from the soil at great rates, creating soil deficiencies if not replaced.  Bounce-S provides sulfur in the sulfate form to help manage in-season deficiencies.  Bounce-S provides balanced foliar nutrition and quick plant uptake.  The formulation contains a blend of 10-5-0 NPK, 10% sulfur and .04% boron.

ProValley Blue

Maximize yields by making phosphorus and potassium more efficient.  Pro Valley Blue is placed directly in the seed furrow at planting to deliver nutritional benefits to the plant at one of the most critical growth stages.  With five gallons of Pro Valley Blue, you will be placing over 10 lbs. of available phosphorus in order to maximize yields.