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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Wabash Valley FS Service Company is excited to introduce the “Showcase Plot 2021” to its patrons and community. The Showcase Plot was planted on May 21st, 2021, in West Salem on 16.5 acres. The plot is currently between stage V4-V5 and will be finished around October. The current Agronomy intern, Addie Hemrich, from the FS Cisne Facility will be managing the plot for the company. Addie staked 1100 flags during the first three days after planting plot and continues to monitor and note changes within the plot daily.

The “Showcase Plot 2021” has four different blocks that are only using products FS offers. See below to review the highlights of each block.

Block A- Hybrid Plot:

  • There are currently 44 different hybrids being tested. The plot has four rows of each hybrid planted.
  • There are also six different seed treatments being tested which are as follows: Eflow/untreated, Seed1+Graphite, TakeOff ST, FastStand, Tripidity, Pro Emergence. The plot contains eight rows of each seed treatment.
  • An emergence study was complete to identify the yield difference within the first three days.

Block B- Fungicide Treatments & High Yields:

  • Fungicide trials will not start until VT (tasseling)
  • The current study is to see what the max yield produced is. Tissue sampling will be conducted between V5-V6.
  • XyWay Trial- This is an in-furrow treatment for disease protection from root to tassel and stalk to leaf. This block contains 24 rows for assessment. 

Block C- Infurrow, NLID Treatment:

  • NLID (Nutrient Loss Inhibitor Demonstration) is a project that improves fertilizer efficiency so one can reduce unutilized fertilizer into the water systems.
  • Infurrow: liquid on the planter
  • There are varying rates and products in this block.

 Block D- Planter Trial:

  • The planter trials that were conducted were as follows: downforce, closing wheel pressure, keeton, planting depth, population.
  • The downforce, closing wheel pressure, and planting depth are important for uniformity and seed emergence. The seed depth varied from 1-3 inches.
  • The keeton trial is key to increasing stability and used for seed placement.
  • The population varied from 24,000 – 36,000 plants per acre.

A note from our Intern:

“I am thankful for the opportunity that Wabash Valley FS has given me to manage the “Showcase Plot 2021” this year which has allowed me to enhance my knowledge of the agronomy field. I love how this plot is specifically only the products that FS offers! I am excited to see what the trials bring so we can educate our salesman, growers, and youth. My hope is to see that our patrons and company will see and benefit from not only an improvement of efficiency but also from a return on investment after these trials.” – Addie Hemrich, Intern in Cisne

Wabash Valley FS Service Company invites you to follow our Facebook page @WabashvalleyFS to receive biweekly updates regarding the plot! 


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